Dice - The Heart of Blood Bowl

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Dice - The Heart of Blood Bowl

Post by OpusTheFowl on Wed Oct 09, 2013 5:38 pm

The most important rules to follow when playing BB are:

  1. Move no risk players first (ie players that wont need a dice roll)
  2. Use low risk players next (16% failures)
  3. Use progressively more risky players...
  4. Do any low probability plays at the end of a turn
  5. Always try to do 2D6 blocks, especially if your player doesn't have block
  6. Blitzing is very important so use it with you highest probability hitter
  7. Positioning is HUGE and this doesn't mean you always need to be touching other players
  8. Know your skills and the other team's skills
  9. Like chess, every move must have purpose

More to come soon...

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